Dragon Knight Help: Items & Drops

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weaponStick10 Gold2 Attack PowerNone
weaponBranch30 Gold4 Attack PowerNone
weaponClub40 Gold5 Attack PowerNone
weaponDagger90 Gold8 Attack PowerNone
weaponHatchet150 Gold12 Attack PowerNone
weaponAxe200 Gold16 Attack PowerNone
weaponBrand300 Gold25 Attack PowerNone
weaponPoleaxe500 Gold35 Attack PowerNone
weaponBroadsword800 Gold45 Attack PowerNone
weaponBattle Axe1200 Gold50 Attack PowerNone
weaponClaymore2000 Gold60 Attack PowerNone
weaponDark Axe3000 Gold100 Attack PowerExperience Bonus (%) -5
weaponDark Sword4500 Gold125 Attack PowerExperience Bonus (%) -10
weaponBright Sword6000 Gold100 Attack PowerExperience Bonus (%) +10
weaponMagic Sword10000 Gold150 Attack PowerMax MP +50
weaponDestiny Blade50000 Gold250 Attack PowerStrength +50
armorSkivvies25 Gold2 Defense PowerGold Bonus (%) +10
armorClothes50 Gold5 Defense PowerNone
armorLeather Armor75 Gold10 Defense PowerNone
armorHard Leather Armor150 Gold25 Defense PowerNone
armorChain Mail300 Gold30 Defense PowerNone
armorBronze Plate900 Gold50 Defense PowerNone
armorIron Plate2000 Gold100 Defense PowerNone
armorMagic Armor4000 Gold125 Defense PowerMax MP +50
armorDark Armor5000 Gold150 Defense PowerExperience Bonus (%) -10
armorBright Armor10000 Gold175 Defense PowerExperience Bonus (%) +10
armorDestiny Raiment50000 Gold200 Defense PowerDexterity +50
shieldReed Shield50 Gold2 Defense PowerNone
shieldBuckler100 Gold4 Defense PowerNone
shieldSmall Shield500 Gold10 Defense PowerNone
shieldLarge Shield2500 Gold30 Defense PowerNone
shieldSilver Shield10000 Gold60 Defense PowerNone
shieldDestiny Aegis25000 Gold100 Defense PowerMax HP +50

NameMonster LevelAttribute 1Attribute 2
Life Pebble1Max HP +10None
Life Stone10Max HP +25None
Life Rock25Max HP +50None
Magic Pebble1Max MP +10None
Magic Stone10Max MP +25None
Magic Rock25Max MP +50None
Dragon's Scale10Defense Power +25None
Dragon's Plate30Defense Power +50None
Dragon's Claw10Attack Power +25None
Dragon's Tooth30Attack Power +50None
Dragon's Tear35Strength +50None
Dragon's Wing35Dexterity +50None
Demon's Sin35Max HP -50Strength +50
Demon's Fall35Max MP -50Strength +50
Demon's Lie45Max HP -100Strength +100
Demon's Hate45Max MP -100Strength +100
Angel's Joy25Max HP +25Strength +25
Angel's Rise30Max HP +50Strength +50
Angel's Truth35Max HP +75Strength +75
Angel's Love40Max HP +100Strength +100
Seraph's Joy25Max MP +25Dexterity +25
Seraph's Rise30Max MP +50Dexterity +50
Seraph's Truth35Max MP +75Dexterity +75
Seraph's Love40Max MP +100Dexterity +100
Ruby50Max HP +150None
Pearl50Max MP +150None
Emerald50Strength +150None
Topaz50Dexterity +150None
Obsidian50Attack Power +150None
Diamond50Defense Power +150None
Memory Drop5Experience Bonus (%) +10None
Fortune Drop5Gold Bonus (%) +10None